BBB “Atomium” Ride

Let’s explore the northern part of Brussels, with a meeting point under the Atomium and with Marie-Cécile van Rossem and/or Thierry Dutrieux as ride leaders and route reviewers.
We aim at proposing a short and chill ride for people willing to ride twice during the week-end, to enjoy a start from somewhere else or … to benefit from a later start.

About “Atomium” Ride:

  • the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month
  • group meets a few minutes before 9.00 and starts at 9.00
  • 50 to 60km, averaging somewhere around 24/25 km/h
  • meeting-point under the Atomium
  • rides announced on BBB Strava Club
  • BBB members only, registration compulsory
  • no-drop policy

Routes can be downloaded in the dedicated .gpx library.
Route can be modified considering the weather, roadworks or any other reason.

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