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Riding in a bunch or by your own, you may experience a crash or a mechanical issue. Check-out this article about what comes or not with your licence.  

When you sign up to BBB you start by paying the club fee (€15). The largest amount of what you pay additionally is for your (compulsory) Federation License. This Federation License is basically all about your insurance.

Not every Federation offers the same value for your money however.
What they all offer is a Medical Cover in case of accidents. You are also covered against third party liability claims. This means that if you are involved in a cycling accident your medical costs and the damage you cause to other parties are taken care of.
And there it stops.

Damage to your own bike (caused by yourself) is not covered. Damage to your own equipment like wheels, clothes, helmet, gps etc is not covered by any of the three Federations.

Road Assistance

  • Cycling Vlaanderen and the VWB offer free Road Assistance that comes included with your Federation License. This means that in case of an incident (a flat tyre, broken chain, broken wheel etc) they will come and repair your bike or bring you home.
  • Cycling Vlaanderen offers this assistance up to 50km outside of Belgium. The VWB offers this assistance in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and up to 50km into Germany and France.
  • The FFBC does not offer any form of Road Assistance.

Should you nee any assistance during a bike-ride, please contact:

  • FFBC: no technical assistance provided
  • VWB: 0800.787.62
  • Cycling Vlaanderen: +32 (03) 253 61 82

The Federation License is compulsory – but it’s good to be aware of the differences.
If you don’t mind about the difference between French and Dutch, Cycling Vlaanderen is probably the best option. For €28,- you are covered and will receive road assistance in Belgium until 50k across border.
VWB comes as a very good second option. For just €7,- more you will also enjoy road assistance in The Netherlands, Luxembourg and across the border in France and Germany.

In case of any accidents, be aware that damage to your own bike will probably not be covered (unless it’s caused by someone else).

Should you want to protect your bike from theft and material damages, which is not included in the insurance provided with your licence, discover the bike insurance by qover: start your simulation now and enjoy your BBB 15% discount (promocode: BBB15).

Should you need any further information, please contact the Federation you’re affiliated with:

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