(Pre-booking) BBB Racing – February 2023 Training camp (Alicante)


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We’re already looking forward to the 2023 season and are planning a training camp right in Spain from 4 to 11 February.
There is a limited number of places so don’t wait too long to book your place! You can ‘save’ your space by by paying a 200 euros through the purchase of this item.

Final costs should look like this:

  • from 655€ (double-room) to 850€ (single-room), full-pension
  • extra-cost: bike-rental (possible as of 150€)
  • extra-cost: transport to Alicante (flight)

👉 More about the accommodation: https://fr.hotelcapnegret.es/
👉 More about the guides: https://www.spainbike.com/





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