• the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month
  • meeting time:
    • summer 08:30 (1 April to 30 September)
    • winter 09:00 (1 October to 31 March)
  • rides announced on BBB Strava Club
  • BBB members only, registration compulsory



Departure and arrival will take place in the area of Josaphat Park in Schaerbeek.

  • Departure:
    Roundabout crossing Av. Chazal, Av. Général Eisehnower and Av. Ernest Cambier, next to Square Prévost-Delaunay and entry to Park Josaphat.
  • Arrival
    • La Guinguette Populeir, easy access from Bld. Lambermont and Av. Louis Bertrand. 20m from the street with plenty of space for bikes and riders.
    • Winter season (when La Guinguette Populeir is closed): we arrive at La Brasserie de Lalaing just 100m further down the road.

Josaphat rides features 2 groups
Advertised hourly average can evolve according to the weather or the elevation of the course.
All groups are leaded by experienced road-captains and ride the same route.

Both Chill and Fast group are steady rides (no sudden change of pace) or attacks (Road captain may
allow some sections/climbs to be raced, before regrouping at end of that segment).
All rides shall always be aware of the slowest riders and support these to reach better team performance. No-one shall be left alone on a tough climb or fast flat stretch. Splits in the peloton shall be sought to be closed through a collective team effort from front to back of the field.

Chill group:

  • averaging 22 to 24km/h
  • no-drop policy (we ride and return as a team)

Fast group:

  • only in spring
  • averaging 26 km/h

Please  register on Strava to help us organizing the groups beforehand

  • The routes are announced during the week before the ride. Check out our facebook Page / Group or our Strava Club.
  • The routes we usually ride can be checked-out in the dedicated page of our website

See above

Due to strict insurance requirements, all participants must be fully-fledged members of the Brussels Big Brackets Cycling Club to ride with us on Sunday.

Test-rides are allowed provided that:

  • you are personally properly insured ;
  • you register for the ride though this form

Registration-steps are described below. 
Should you need help or any further information, please DM us or send us an e-mail: 


1. Ask us to join our strava “invite only” club (members only)
If you use a nickname, tell us… it’s not easy to recognize everyone 🙂

2. Navigate through the “club events”


3. Choose one of the groups we propose for the ride

4. Confirm your choice with the button “I’m in”


To easily download the routes we ride…
🗺 Routes can easily be downloaded through Strava website, directly in the event you take part-in… but unfortunately not through Strava app.
👉 To Strava website:
👉 All BBB routes are available here:

📲You can easily sync our strava routes to your Garmin device.
Check-out this tutorial.
👉Sync routes with your Garmin:

We are a cycling club proposing road-cycling rides. As a consequence, your bike might look like that:

  • a road- or a gravel-bike with fine tires; 
  • clipless pedals are strongly recommended;
  • do not forget to take at least one cereal or energy bar, and a bottle with water or energy drink;
  • ensure your bike is in good working order;
  • bring one reserve air chamber, a mini-pump, some tools for usual adjustments;
  • finally, ensure you ride with lights when required.

Do I need to wear some kind of cycling apparel?

Technical shorts and clothing, without wind resistance and suitable for the weather are absolutely necessary.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Wearing a helmet is compulsory.

👉  Taking a look at our ride etiquette is highly recommended.

We do! And it’s not about testing your skills or your level.
Test-rides allow you to discover who we are and what we do.

We organise “test-rides” on a regular basis.
For more info and registration, check-out our membership page.

Test-rides are allowed provided that you are personally properly insured.
Please note that we appreciate you tell us what you think afterwards.


BBB is building a collection of routes starting from Schaerbeek.  They all start and arrive in the area of the Josaphat Park.
New routes are added regularly, so keep an eye out for new tracks to explore!

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