BBB “Sunday” Ride is our “core” weekly ride, the one which is the most famous and appreciated by our Cycling Club members. Choose which group you want to belong to for one ride or more. You can always switch up or down, according to your motivation level, your form, or the friends who join.

You’ll find in our Ride etiquette some basic rules of group riding that everyone should be aware of.

  • every Sunday, all year round
  • start at 8.30 AM (9.00 in December & January)
  • from 19 to 30+ km/h, depending on your group
  • 4 different routes and/or distances, 8 different groups
  • BBB members only
  • registration compulsory every week via our Strava Club
    (test-ride possible, see below)

Choose the group that suits you the best!
Advertised hourly average can evolve according to the weather or the elevation of the course.
All groups are leaded by 1 or 2 experienced road-captains.
We sometimes propose less groups: check-out our Strava events to know wether all groups roll or not.

(1) Rides between 90km and 110km

  • Group “FAST”
    We stick to specially prepared faster route on wider roads with few turns to hopefully keep things safer as well as fast. But with the other A riders on a different routes, if you get dropped from A+ you’ll have to make your own way home.
    – Pace of ride will vary, but no speed limit
    – Feel free to ride hard on the hills or on the flat
    – You might be dropped – but A1 is just behind.
    Want to ride with the “FAST” group?
    We ask that you take particular care at junctions and red lights, have fun whilst riding safely!
  • Steady Rides A1-A4
    – Dual paceline (riders switch every 5 minutes or so to allow the stronger riders to ride at the front)
    – Steady ride (no sudden change of pace) or attacks (Road captain may allow some section to be raced, before regroup at end of segment (not A4))

    – A1 29-31km/h, Drop possible with consent of Road-Captain – A2 just behind.
    – A2 28 km/h, Drop possible with consent of Road-Captain – A3 just behind.
    – A3 26km/h, Drop possible with consent of Road-Captain – A4 just behind.
    – A4 24km/h, This is a no-drop group. We start and come back together!

    * Average pace will depend upon conditions.
    ** Groups may merge if not enough riders signed up.

(2) Rides between 60km and 80km

  • Group B1: 27 km/h.
    You’re dropped out?
    Just wait for the B2 group, they are riding 5 to 10 minutes after!
  • Group B2: 25 km/h.
    You’re dropped out?
    Just wait for the B3 group, they are riding 5 to 10 minutes after!
  • Group B3: 22 km/h.
    This is a no-drop group. We start and come back together!

(3) Group “Bons vivants”
Organised, from April to October
This group is for those of us who want to enjoy a ride in beautiful countryside, preferably on quiet roads with good company.

“Bon Vivants” rules
– Average speed will be around 19-20kph depending on terrain
– Halfway coffee break if we pass a nice place. Otherwise drinks at kiosk at BDC.
– This is a no-drop group. We start and come back together!

  • The routes are announced during the week before the ride. Check out our facebook Page / Group or our Strava Club.
  • The routes we usually ride can be checked-out in the dedicated pages of our website

Meeting point: kiosk of the”Bois de la Cambre”, in Brussels

Due to strict insurance requirements, all participants must be fully-fledged members of the Brussels Big Brackets Cycling Club to ride with us on Sunday.

Test-rides are allowed provided that:

  • you are personally properly insured ;
  • you register for the ride though this form

Registration-steps are described below. 
Should you need help or any further information, please DM us or send us an e-mail: 


1. Ask us to join our strava “invite only” club (members only)
If you use a nickname, tell us… it’s not easy to recognize everyone 🙂

2. Navigate through the “club events”


3. Choose one of the groups we propose for the ride

4. Confirm your choice with the button “I’m in”


To easily download the routes we ride…
🗺 Routes can easily be downloaded through Strava website, directly in the event you take part-in… but unfortunately not through Strava app.
👉 To Strava website:
👉 All BBB routes are available here:

📲You can easily sync our strava routes to your Garmin device.
Check-out this tutorial.
👉Sync routes with your Garmin:

We are a cycling club proposing road-cycling rides. As a consequence, your bike might look like that:

  • a road- or a gravel-bike with fine tires; 
  • clipless pedals are strongly recommended;
  • do not forget to take at least one cereal or energy bar, and a bottle with water or energy drink;
  • ensure your bike is in good working order;
  • bring one reserve air chamber, a mini-pump, some tools for usual adjustments;
  • finally, ensure you ride with lights when required.

Do I need to wear some kind of cycling apparel?

Technical shorts and clothing, without wind resistance and suitable for the weather are absolutely necessary.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Wearing a helmet is compulsory.

👉  Taking a look at our ride etiquette is highly recommended.

We do! And it’s not about testing your skills or your level.
Test-rides allow you to discover who we are and what we do.

We organise “test-rides” on a regular basis.
For more info and registration, check-out our membership page.

Test-rides are allowed provided that you are personally properly insured.
Please note that we appreciate you tell us what you think afterwards.

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