We welcome all cycling enthusiasts willing to join a multicultural Brussels based peloton and to share their passion.

BBB includes both a recreational group and a performance section

Our Cycling Club welcomes members with diverse cycling skills and ambition: easy riders, sharp cyclosportifs, competitors, etc. 

The recreational section offers a schedule of Sunday cycling tours throughout the year. We participate as a group in various tours organised under the VWB, Cycling Vlaanderen and FFBC calendars. We sometimes organise a trip or weekend tour and, of course, some social events as well.

BBB Racing accommodates all cyclists who aim at improving to competition level. We organise structured training rides and race-oriented training sessions. BBB Racing targets riders of all abilities interested in any kind of competition: ECW races, gran fondos, sportives, time trials, gravel, etc.

About BBB

About BBB Racing


Due to the official measures announced the 24th of October, all our activities, rides and events are cancelled until further notice.
>> BBB official statement <<

Due to strict insurance requirements, all participants must be fully-fledged members of the Brussels Big Brackets Cycling Club. Test-rides are allowed provided that you are personally properly insured.
You’ll find here some basic rules and etiquette of group riding that everyone should be aware of when riding in a group.

Ride etiquette

Covid-19 statement

Ride with Brussels Big Brackets

We gather every Sunday at 8.30 (at 9.00 during the darkest weeks of winter).

Rides between 90km and 110km
– Group “Velocity” (A+): No speed-limit. You might be dropped. Be prepared!
– Group “Endurance” (A): 27-28 km/h. This is a no-drop group.  We start and come back together!
Rides between 60km and 80km
– Group “Challenge” (B+): 25-27 km/h. You’re dropped out? Just wait for the “Discovery group”, they are riding 5 to 10 minutes after!
– Group “Discovery” (B): 22-24 km/h. This is a no-drop group.  We start and come back together!

Ride with BBB Racing

Training rides:

Specific training sessions. These sessions are organized on a weekly basis and follow a pre-established riding style and distance.
Make sure your fitness level matches the training session requirements.


Throughout the season, we will select some races and events we want to participate in together.


Brussels Big Brackets members gather at the kiosk of  the”Bois de la Cambre”, in Brussels.


Our routes are prepared and reviewed by experienced BBB members. You can download them for free and use it to discover the Brussels region by yourself. We also use them during our rides and training sessions.


Classic in black or white or fresh-new in pink and dark blue,
our club jersey is iconic.
And we proudly wear red and green, the colors of the city of Brussels, as well.


Become a BBB member

To ride with us, you have to be a fully-fledged member of the Brussels Big Brackets Cycling Club.

You want to join our recreational section?
Members should both have a valid membership with BBB and get a license with any of the following federations, according to your preference: Fédération Francophone Belge de Cyclotourisme (FFBC – affiliation n°1006) and the Vlaamse Wielrijdersbond (VWB – n°400), as well Cycling Vlaanderen (n°12015014). We’ll take care of your registration with the federation you will choose

You want to join the BBB Racing section?
Subscribe to an Elite 3 licence by yourself directly on Cycling Vlaanderen website and select BBB as your club. Do not forget to complete your BBB membership afterwards!


Any question or suggestion regarding our Cycling Club? 
Feel free to contact us.

Jean-Philippe Thivet

Jean-Philippe Thivet


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Emiel Van Druten


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BBB Racing


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Sponsors and institutions


The Brussels Big Brackets is supported by strong and enthusiastic partners.
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