BBB Racing accommodates all cyclists who aim at improving to competition level. We organise structured training rides and race-oriented training sessions. BBB Racing targets riders of all abilities interested in any kind of competition: ECW races, gran fondos, sportives, time trials, gravel, etc.


We don’t care how fit you are.
Just ride with us if you want to ride faster, train smarter, and race with a smile on your face.


  • Training: we train on a regular basis (at least 3 times a week during the summer months): high intensity rides, steady rides or longer weekend rides. 
  • Races: we propose a series of races & events (ECW, Gran Fondos, Zolder races, Ultra distance…) at the beginning of the season. We build together a list of priorities, allowing physical preparation as well as logistic planning. 


  • The section is open to anyone willing to improve and level up! Of course, you will perform better (and faster) by training consistently throughout the year and riding with strong riders.
  • As a general policy at BBB, we expect all riders to adhere to the ride etiquette (courtesy on and off the bike, safety rules, guidance of the ride captain…) These are even more important given that riders will be pushing at the limit and our priority at all times is to preserve safety first


Do not forget you are more than encouraged to join all BBB Club Rides as often as you want to!
Some rides are dedicated to BBB Racing members.

  • Thursday, 18.30 // “Hare & Hounds” Ride
    Everybody can join (until mid-October)
  • Saturday, 8.30 // Thematic Ride (occasional)
    specific/shorter training session (e.g puncheur ride, fast peloton riding…)
  • Sunday, 8.30 // BBB “Sunday” Ride
    Choose the group that suits you the best
  • Winter time // Indoor Training Program
    Check-out the typical “indoor train week
  • Winter time // Gravel Ride
    Fast Group, check-out our page dedicated to Gravel Rides


Road Races


Gran Fondos


Time Trials



(1) Joining with a competition licence:

If you want to join BBB Racing with a competition license you need to register separately with the Cycling Vlaanderen platform (which will give you your licence and UCI ID) and the BBB form.

  1. The Cycling Vlaanderen platform can be accessed under the My Cycling Vlaanderen Portal. The portal is in Dutch only and requires you to be in possession of an eID and eID card reader. 
  2. You should navigate to the license tab (vergunning) to require a new license. You can register as an Elite 3 and select road (weg) as your main discipline. 
  3. In the list of clubs you should select Brussels Big Brackets VZW.
  4. You will be asked to provide a medical certificate. It is important that you do this checkup with one of the listed doctors certified by Cycling Vlaanderen ( ) 

(2) Joining with a recreational licence:

If you want to join BBB Racing with a recreational licence you will be able to participate in trainings organised by the performance section but you will not have the required paperwork to participate in races (some races do allow for a one-day license).
You should fill in the BBB registration form and check the BBB Racing option along with a recreational license of  your choice.

We ask all riders participating in high intensity trainings organised by BBB Racing to do a cardio-respiratory checkup on a yearly basis.

👉  Should you need any further information, feel free to contact us by email:

For members with a UCI number (Elite 3 / Master licence from Cycling Vlaanderen)

We take part in many other races or events: Gran Fondos, Zolder races, Ultra distance… 
Check-out our calendar for up-to-date info.

The “competition” licence category is based on your age:
  • Elite 3: 19-34 years old
  • Master A: 35-44 years old
  • Master B: 45-54 years old
  • Master C: 55 years old +
With the BBB Racing CVL competition license, you can take part in the following races:
  • Category 1.18 (60-80km) – allowed – no limitations
  • Category 1.12C (80-100km) – allowed – no limitations
  • Category 1.12 B (100-120km) – allowed with some limitations
  • Category 1.12 A – not possible: only Elite without contract riders and pros from continental teams

You can take part in a competition abroad when travelling outside form Belgium.

(1) In any case, check-out with the local organiser if you can register with your Belgian licence!
You might need your UCI number provided by your Elite 3 or Master “competition” Cycling Vlaanderen licence.
If you’ve got a recreational licence, you’ ll certainly need a medical certificate from your doctor.

(2) If you’ve got an Elite 3 / Master Licence from Cycling Vlaanderen, you must first fill in the form hereby

A collective training session, with a race simulation type-training over a pre-defined segment (20-25km) on a safe course.

About the ride:

  • every Thursday until mid-October
  • start at 6.30 AM (6.00 during the darkest weeks)
  •  ~60km for ~600D+
  • BBB Racing members only
  • registration compulsory via BBB Racing Strava Club

About the route:

The main “long ride” of the BBB Racing typical week.

About the ride:

  • every Saturday morning, 8.30
  • ~100 to 130km with an advertised average speed and a set course
  • no-drop ride
  • BBB Racing members only
  • registration compulsory via our Strava Club

About the route:

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