Women represent a growing part of BBB bunch. Come and join us!

Because women and men enjoy cycling together



... and much more!​


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BBB currently offers mixed gender groups. If you want to join a women only ride, please check out the options with our fellow riders of Casual Cycling Club.

There are different groups with different speeds. If unsure about yours and/or it is your first group ride, register with the social group B to start with.

BBB organises road and gravel outings. Road rides can be done with gravel bikes, though if you want to go faster you better go lighter! 

Some groups tend to have more women than others and although we cannot guarantee how many girls there will be in your group we can assure you we are a friendly bunch and will be there for you!

Your bike, basic repair kit (pump and inner tube), lights (particularly if riding in winter), appropriate cycling wear including helmet and no underwear (it is not a joke!). In terms of hydration: water and some sort of isotonic drink (a home made example: water, sugar, some salt, lemon or orange juice to give flavour and bicarbonate of soda of you wish). In terms of food: something to munch on, energy bars, compote, ‘tartine’, dry fruits … whatever you prefer and works for you.

We recommend you to use a padded cycling lycra as BBB rides are longer than just commuting rides. A comfortable saddle and adjusted to the right height and distance from the handle bars would help to have the appropriate posture.

Whether male or female, some cyclists use and some don’t use cream. There are different brands and preferences and the purpose of using it is to avoid skin chafing, which is commonly caused by a combination of friction, moisture and irritating fabric.

Check the group you are registering for, most of them are no drop … we won’t leave you! Our road captains and other fellow cyclists are regularly checking that everybody is in the group rather than lost in the fields.

No worries : we all do ! BBB is an inclusive club and totally aware that we are no machines but humans… and humans do need pee breaks when they ride their bikes as well. So if you need a little sanitary break, don’t be shy and inform your road captain. Behind a bush, in a “cathy cabine”, in a cafe… no one will mind or stare and everybody gets that girls might require some more privacy.

BBB goes pink!

We are Kristien (aka Captain K), Tania, Yvonne (aka Berta Gokie), Céline and Antje. Early July 2022, we cycled about 400 km across Belgium in a #bikeforthinkpinkchallenge to raise funds for breast cancer research.
Big up to all the people who supported and encouraged us!

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