We ride also from Schaerbeek!

Brussels Big Brackets cannot be held responsible in case of an incident occurring while using one of this “route suggestions”.

Route Distance Elevation Direction Modification Download
In & Out Ride 30km 200m E 02.10.22 Download
Erps Kwerps 45km 275m E 02.10.22 Download
Veltem Belsem 51km 300m E 02.10.22 Download
Tour de Leuven (short) 62km 400m E 06.12.22 Download
Kampenhout (short) 65km 350m NE 02.10.22 Download
UCI Worlds (short) 65km 600m E 30.09.22 Download
Mechelen Pancake (short) 65km 200m N 02.11.22 Download
Rotselaar (short) 65km 200m NE 02.10.22 Download
Grez Doiceau (short) 68km 600m SE 31.10.22 Download
Rotselaar (long) 74km 200m NE 02.10.22 Download
Kampenhout (long) 74km 400m NE 13.03.23 Download
UCI Worlds (long) 76km 750m E 30.09.22 Download
Tour de Leuven (long) 78km 600m E 13.03.23 Download
Grez Doiceau (long) 79km 800m SE 30.09.22 Download
Mechelen (long) 80km 200m NE 13.03.23 Download
Bercuit (long) 82km 850m SE 13.03.23 Download
Mechelen (long) 90km 200m N 19.05.23 Download
Eddy Merckx Ride 110km 800m NE 13.03.23 Download
Bercuit (super cool) 112km 1150m SE 13.03.23 Download
Aarschot 113km 700m NE 13.03.23 Download
Fleurus 115km 1100m S 13.03.23 Download


Departure and arrival take place in the area of Josaphat Park in Schaerbeek.

  • Departure: Roundabout crossing Av. Chazal, Av. Général Eisehnower and Av. Ernest Cambier) next to Square Prévost-Delaunay and entry to Park Josaphat 
  • Arrival: La Guinguette Populeir, easy access from Bld. Lambermont and Av. Louis Bertrand. 20m from the street with plenty of space for bikes and riders.
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