Due to strict insurance requirements, our activities are only for fully-fledged members of the Brussels Big Brackets Cycling Club.


Rides are for members only. Members can pick-up the rides they want to take part-in according to their motivation, shape or time they want to dedicate to cycling.


SATURDAY (x2/month)

SATURDAY (x2/month)

SUMMER PERIODE (from April to October)

FRIDAY (x2/month)

WINTER PERIODE (from October to April)



We might propose “uncommon” rides on an irregular basis. Keep an eye on our Strava events !


We often take part in rides organised by partners and friends. Among those proposals, we particularly  appreciate riding with Hors Catégorie (checkout the schedule and registration modalities with them directly before joining).



BBB organises recreational rides adapted to everybody. We are a large, growing club, regularly welcoming new riders. All riders should be tolerant, responsible and willing to help others within the group in a friendly manner. You’ll find here some basic rules of group riding that everyone should be aware of when riding in a group, safety guidelines and advices about your bike and equipment.
Enjoy a safe ride!

👉 To BBB Ride, Safety and Equipment policies.

Due to strict insurance requirements, all participants must be fully-fledged members of the Brussels Big Brackets Cycling Club to ride with us on Sunday.

Ride-registration steps are described below. 
Should you need help or any further information, please DM us or send us an e-mail: 


1. Ask us to join our strava “invite only” club (members only)
If you use a nickname, tell us… it’s not easy to recognize everyone 🙂

2. Navigate through the “club events”


3. Choose one of the groups we propose for the ride

4. Confirm your choice with the button “I’m in”


To easily download the routes we ride…
🗺 Routes can easily be downloaded through Strava website, directly in the event you take part-in… but unfortunately not through Strava app.
👉 To Strava website:
👉 All BBB routes are available here:

📲You can easily sync our strava routes to your Garmin device.
Check-out this tutorial 👉Sync routes with your Garmin

We do! And it’s not about testing your skills or your level.
Test-rides allow you to discover who we are and what we do.

We organise “test-rides” on a regular basis.
For more info and registration, check-out our membership page.

Test-rides are allowed provided that you are personally properly insured.
Please note that we appreciate you tell us what you think afterwards.

Welcome to Belgium. The weather is often rainy and windy, that’s how it is! Always remember this Norwegian or Swedish proverb that perfectly suits to our country: “There is no bad weather, there are only bad clothes”. 

When and why do you cancel rides?
We cancel the rides only when riding is dangerous, that’s to say in two cases:

  • when the road is icy;
  • when the wind is too strong.

There may be cases where the weather is cold and/or wet, but it remains safe to ride. In such cases, you can come to the meeting point and you’ll certainly find a few hardy BBBs who just want to have their ride. But please be aware that the usual groups might be mixed and that full road captain support may not be provided.

How will I be notified of a late cancellation?
As the forecasts are not always reliable, we check the weather forecast on the morning of the ride. If we cancel the ride, we will announce it on our Strava Club. If in doubt, check before you get out of bed!

Where do you find the weather forecast information?
We use the WeatherPro app to see what the forecast will look like (wind direction and force, forecasted rainfall…). We use myWindsock, which provides forecasts dedicated to cyclists, with a focus on wind direction.
We do consider the alerts and forecasts provided by Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium.
The website about parks and gardens provided Brussels Environment allows us to know if our meeting point in the Bois de la Cambre is accessible or not.

Are the canceled rides replaced by virtual rides?
Yes ! When it’s obvious that we’ll have to cancel the ride and that we can announce it early during the week before, we set-up a “BBB x Zwift meet-up”. Keep an eye on the facebook group and or the Strava Club

All good ideas and initiatives are welcome!

About “unofficial rides” 
Please feel free to propose other rides directly through the facebook group
If you intend to join such unofficial rides, please ensure that you have adequate personal insurances in place in case of an accident.

About “BBB Pop-Up Rides”
Club members may wish to create an ad-hoc ride or invite other members to participate in an event. This can be discussed with BBB Team and communicated through a Strava event. Do no hesitate to contact us (

“Thirsty Thursday” is our Thursday afterwork chill ride.
The aim is to ride 45-50km at a chill pace and enjoy a drink together at the end. Target pace is 24/25kmh but the group sticks together, no-drop, and we wait on hills or if anyone is struggling.
Departure from the kiosk at Bois de la Cambre at 18.30 sharp. Finish at Hors Catégorie Volta (where they are having their weekly BBQ) for drinks and to celebrate the weekend being near.


  • Averaging between 24 and 25 km/h
  • No-drop policy
  • BBB members only
  • Do not forget your lights
  • Start from the Kiosk (Bois de la Cambre)


We generally gather at the “kiosk” in the Bois de la Cambre in Brussels
(check-out the meeting point of each kind of ride above).
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