You can either join our recreational section or BBB Racing. In any case, you must both register with BBB and get a licence. Should you need any further information… tell us!


Our Cycling Club includes a “recreational” group and a performance section (BBB Racing). We focus on solidarity and diversity and welcome members with different cycling skills and ambition. 

Due to strict insurance requirements, our activities are only for fully-fledged members of the Brussels Big Brackets Cycling Club. To become a fully-fledged BBB member, you must both :

  • register with BBB
  • get a licence from one of the 3 Cycling federations BBB is affiliated with
For more info, check-out the FAQ section of this page.
And do not forgets some benefits comme with your membership as well. 

PRICING (2021)


(1) In any case, complete your BBB membership
(2) You must get a license with any of the following federations, according to your preference: 

You want a FFBC or a VWB licence? We’ll take care of your licence.
You want a Cycling Vlaanderen licence? Register by yourself with Cycling Vlaanderen on Cycling Vlaanderen website.

(1) Joining with a competition licence:

If you want to join BBB Racing with a competition license you need to register separately with the Cycling Vlaanderen platform (which will give you your licence and UCI ID) and the BBB form.

  1. The Cycling Vlaanderen platform can be accessed under the My Cycling Vlaanderen Portal. The portal is in Dutch only and requires you to be in possession of an eID and eID card reader. 
  2. You should navigate to the license tab (vergunning) to require a new license. You can register as an Elite 3 and select road (weg) as your main discipline. 
  3. In the list of clubs you should select Brussels Big Brackets VZW.
  4. You will be asked to provide a medical certificate. It is important that you do this checkup with one of the listed doctors certified by Cycling Vlaanderen (

(2) Joining with a recreational licence:

If you want to join BBB Racing with a recreational licence you will be able to participate in trainings organised by the performance section but you will not have the required paperwork to participate in races (some races do allow for a one-day license).
You should fill in the BBB registration form and check the BBB Racing option along with a recreational license of  your choice.

We ask all riders participating in high intensity trainings organised by BBB Racing to do a cardio-respiratory checkup on a yearly basis.

👉  Should you need any further information, feel free to contact us by email:

For privacy reasons, you have to create your own personal-space on Cycling Vlaanderen website and to register yourself there. Do not forget to send us your licence number and to pay for your BBB membership as well.

Price for Cycling Vlaanderen’s licence:

  • Recreational Cycling Vlaanderen licence: 28€
  • Competition Cycling Vlaanderen licence: from 75€
  • Family: 33€ for the whole family

The 3 federations we are affiliated with propose special prices for family licences.
Do not forget to pay for your BBB membership as well (for children below 12, please contact us).

  • FFBC: 10€ for each additional member
  • VWB: 32€ for the whole family
  • Cycling Vlaanderen: 33€ for the whole family

No problem, don’t change a thing. We offer you a special-membership to let you run with us whenever you like. Contact us!

No problem, you can register as a sympathizing member!


Did you know that your Belgian “mutuelle” (health insurance) might annually refund you for: 

  • ✍️ up to 50€ for your registration (licence + club membership)
  • 🏥 up to 10€ for a medical check-up (for competition licence)
  • 🚴‍♂ up to 30€ for your participation into some sport-event

Those amounts are based on a “Partena registration”. Check it directly with your own personal health-insurance!

👉 You’re affiliated with Cycling Vlaanderen? 
You’ll have to get a refund on the basis of two different documents :

  • 15€ for the BBB membership through the document provided by our personal health-insurance
  • up to 35€ or more through the document you can download directly from Cycling Vlaanderen here

👉 You’re affiliated with FFBC?

👉 Should you need any kind of stamp or signature on a document you’ll have to fill-in, please feel free to contact us

We refund some part of sportive events registration fees to our members who proudly show-off our wonderful jerseys on the road! Every sport-event you take part in can be considered, such as road race, brevet, cyclosport-event and any other MTB, gravel, track-event or whatsoever.

Refunds are limited to €50 per person and per year, as described below:

  • €10 / sport-event
  • 5 sport-events / person / year

Refunds are reserved to fully-fledged BBB members.
Since our yearly budget is limited, refunds will be made on a first come first serve basis.

👉 Download here the form you’ll have to fill-in to get your refund.
👉 Should you need any further information, please feel free to contact us

You get a personal insurance with your licence. Please bear in mind the fact that you have to personally check-out that all this information is up-to-date!

FFBC, VWB and Cycling Vlaanderen provide an insurance that includes:

  • legal aid
  • civil liability
  • personal injury insurance
  • death insurance
  • disability insurance
  • teeth insurance

Should you need any further information, please contact the Federation you’re affiliated with:

Please note that in case of accident, none of the three federations insurance does cover the damages caused by the accident on your equipment (bike, clothes…)a

Cycling Vlaanderen and VWB provide you with a technical assistance, that can be useful in case of technical problem during a club-organised ride, or even during a personal ride.

Should you nee any assistance during a bike-ride, please contact:

  • FFBC: no technical assistance provided
  • VWB: 0800.787.62
    – everywhere in Benelux
    – 50km away from the border in Germany or in France
    – no annual limit
    – any type of bike (including electric bike until 45km/h)
  • Cycling Vlaanderen: +32 (03) 253 61 82
    – Belgium
    – 30km away from the border in Luxemburg or in the Netherlands
    – 7 interventions / year
    – any type of bike (including electric bike until 45km/h)

Please note that in case of accident, none of the three federations insurance does cover the damages caused by the accident on your equipment (bike, clothes…)

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Hors Catégorie is a basecamp for the cycling community in Brussels, and we’ve made this place some kind of HQ for BBB Cycling Club as well.

To strengthen our partnership, Cédric, François, Florent (a.o.) propose a discount on the newly born “Hors Catégorie membership” exclusively for BBB members!

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