BBB “Indoor” Rides are set-up by BBB members, usually on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Saturday mornings and Sunday mornings during the Winter months (from October to April). 

Rides are announced through our BBB Strava Club.

Some of our rides are organised through our BBB Zwift Club” (BBB members only).
Since all the requested features are not yet available within Zwift Clubs, we organize rides “by invitation” as well.

Download the free Zwift app to get started with virtual cycling and running workouts.
Zwift is available for iOS, MACs, PC, and Android devices.

You’ll have to use Zwift Companion App as well to get invitations for one or the other events -download it now!


We stay together, whatever your speed, your skills or the watts you produce

  • Tuesday and/or Wednesday and/or Thursday evening, (usually around 18.30)
    – from November to December, social ride, +/- 30km ride
  • Sunday morning, 9.00
    – from October to April, social ride, +/- 60km ride
    – replaces BBB Sunday Ride in case of poor weather

Structured Indoor Workout “BBB Winter training-programme”, from January to March
Everybody wiling to improve can join!

  • Tuesday evening (usually at 18.30)
  • Thursday evening (usually at 18.30 or later)
If you skip one session, you can download the workout and ride it on your own 🙂


  • Zwift Racing League – Thursday evening, 19.0
    November & December, Zwift Team Time Trial (WTRL TTT)


Everybody can join!

We generally use the “Keep everyone together” option, which means that we stay together, regardless of your speed or power. 

We sometimes plan to have a specific workout during the session. In this case, you must press ‘E’ to select the correct workout as specified in the meetup invitation. The workout is now loaded and will automatically start when the countdown ends (along with the other riders on the ride)

Rides “without elastic”
We do organise rides during which we do not use the “keep everyone together” option. Those rides are mainly dedicated to BBB Racing members. In this case, feel free to join if you feel strong enough, but be aware you might be dropped.

First—you need a Trainer. This is what holds your bike in place. In many cases, it will also give us the info we need to make you move in-game and let you ride with Zwifters all around the world.
Second—you’ll need a Bike. We’ll help you figure out what bikes work best with Zwift.
Third—but definitely not least, you’ll need a Device to run Zwift on. 

BBB has prepared a flexible training programme with sessions which you can easily incorporate into your weekly schedules. It will provide you with a very solid training basis for Spring, and is ideal as a first step to more specific training you wish to undertake based on your race objectives.
This training plan is also ideal if you intend to take part in our week-ends or training camps: you will start fit and fresh and ready to take on a big days of cycling!

What is it about?

  • A 8 to 12-week programme targeting strength/cadence, threshold (FTP), and VO2/MAP over 4-week blocks
  • Each 4-week block targets one area in particular (threshold, for instance), named under ‘major’ category. Most sessions have also been picked to include 10-20% of training in another area (‘minor’ category) to recall past training sessions or to prepare for future one
  • Each 4-week block increases in intensity, with the fourth week being an easier week to allow for the training effect we are all looking for (‘surcompensation’)
  • An FTP (or ramp) test should also be performed during a ‘surcompensation’ week (before starting the training programme, on week 4, week 8 and week 12). This would allow you to adjust your FTP if necessary and measure progress.

What do we offer?

  • Training sessions on Zwift on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, with advice and feedback from our more experienced riders to BBB Members.
  • Our proposal is a well-rounded programme which we guarantee will improve your general fitness. You will have done cadence and strength work, and will have trained all of your training zones by the time