For those who want to enjoy a short ride in beautiful countryside, preferably on quiet roads – and hopefully with good company.
Route Distance Elevation Direction Modification Download
Discovery Ride (Canal) 33km 225m W 16.10.23 Download
Bekestraat (Overijse) 35km 370m SE 16.12.21 Download
Discovery Ride (short) 43km 400m E 05.12.22 Download
Pearls of Brabant Wallon 47km 600m S 16.03.22 Download
Hallerbos 47km 400m SW 26.04.22 Download
Smeysberg 49km 400m E 15.06.22 Download
Pajottenland 49km 400m W 11.04.22 Download
Rue de Masy (Ittre) 51km 430m S 16.07.21 Download
Discovery Ride (long) 52km 500m E 05.12.22 Download
De Brabantse Pijl 52km 500m SE 04.04.22 Download
Perwez 52km 700m SE 04.05.22 Download
Cobbled Classic 53km 650m S 28.03.22 Download
Pajotten 54km 480m SW 24.11.21 Download
Hageland 55km 450m NE 24.03.22 Download
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