A collection of scenic routes that explore the countryside around Brussels. These routes average 100km and are well suited for lone riders and groups riding at a high pace. The roads are always paved. They are designed to be ridden on a road bike.
Route Distance Elevation Direction Download
Ninove 94km 680m SW Download
Ecaussines 97km 1075m S Download
Muur 99km 900m W Download
Beauvechain v2 100km 840m E Download
Mont Saint Guibert 102km 997m SE Download
Eddy Merckx Route 103km 750m NE Download
Mechelen pancake 104km 246m N Download
Rond Leuven 107km 914m E Download
Beauvechain 109km 760m E-SE Download
Ecaussinnes 116km 1500m S Download
Tom hilly route 117km 1433m S Download
Sven Nys loop 120km 880m NE Download
Villers La Ville 124km 1326m SE Download
Tour de Bruxelles 129km 1020m NESW Download
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