Smooth tarmac isn’t your thing?  Fancy getting muddy and off the beaten track? 



Anyone with a bit of gravel biking under their belt is welcome to join. This is a no drop ride and the emphasis is on having fun and discovering hidden trails!

Those rides are for members only.
Route is announced a few days before the ride in our Strava Club (registration through Strava compulsory)
All rides start from the Kiosk (Bois de la Cambre). No drop policy.
Check-out our FAQ section to have a comprehensive view of the rules of the rides. 

SUMMER PERIODE (from April to October)

Wednesday, 18.00, for 40 to 50 km
We sometimes split in 2 groups – check-out our Strava events to know wether both groups roll or not:
– “petits mollets” (chill average)
– “grand braquet” (averaging around 22 km/h) 

WINTER PERIODE (from October to April)

Saturday, 09.00
40 to 50 km, averaging somewhere around 22 km/h

Wednesday, 08.00
40 to 50 km, averaging somewhere around 22 km/h


BBB is building a collection of gravel routes.  These rides start from the same meeting point at the Kiosque, which is just a few minutes ride from the vast Foret des Soignes / Zoniënwoud.
New routes are added regularly, so keep an eye out for new tracks to explore!


We warmly recommend that you have the day’s route .gpx file loaded on your navigation device. Gravel groups tend to split more, we don’t want to lose you, especially in the forests!

– Minimum 33 mm tyres with profile!⁠
– We ride, even if it’s raining or in case of poor weather.
– We do not ride in case of ice or dangerous wind.
– All traffic rules apply, no discussion, safety first! ⁠
– A helmet is mandatory. ⁠
– Spare inner tube mandatory. ⁠
– Warn and talk to each other when riding in group. ⁠
– No drop policy.

First of all, whatever the bike you’ll use, do not forget you should be able to ride between 2 or 3 hours on gravel routes before joining.

A bike with profiled tires, min width of 33 is recommended.

Can I join with a mountain bike?
Yes! About 1/4 to 1/3 of riders come on MTB.

Can I come with a commuter bike?
It’s not recommended as many of the routes involve technical sections (mud, rocks, sand, …) where a more dedicated bike helps a lot.

For sure! Should you want to raise up some suggestion, do not hesitate to get back to us.
👉 Just email-us:

Meeting point: kiosk of the”Bois de la Cambre”, in Brussels

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