Let’s explore the northern part of Brussels, with a meeting point under the Atomium.
Route Distance Elevation Direction Modification Download
GRAVEL Atomium Autumn 47km 250m NE 02.10.22 Download
GRAVEL Atomium Special 49km 300m N 21.05.22 Download
GRAVEL Single tracks 55km 570m NW 18.07.22 Download
Buggenhout bos 57km 350m N 05.03.22 Download
Wolvertem, Asse 58km 500m NW 21.11.22 Download
3 loops riverside 59km 180m N 06.11.22 Download
Girardin Affligem Meise 60km 500m NW 05.03.22 Download
Dender 60km 450m W 19.09.22 Download
Sint Pieters Leeuw 62km 600m SW 05.03.22 Download
Affligem 63km 500m NW 05.03.22 Download
Willebroek 64km 200m N 05.03.22 Download
Londerzeel 64km 300m N 01.09.22 Download
Flemish countryside 64km 385m NW 20.06.22 Download
Opwijk 64km 525m NW 19.03.22 Download
Tisselt 66km 250m N 05.03.22 Download
Den Dikke van Pamel 70km 600m W 21.05.22 Download
Beauval lasso 73km 250m N 28.04.22 Download
Geographical middle of Flanders 74km 400m NW 04.07.22 Download
Planes and rockn roll 75km 250m NE 05.03.22 Download
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