Let’s explore the northern part of Brussels, with a meeting point under the Atomium.
Route Distance Elevation Direction Modification Download
GRAVEL Atomium Autumn 47km 250m NE 02.10.22 Download
GRAVEL Atomium Special 49km 300m N 21.05.22 Download
GRAVEL Single tracks 55km 570m NW 18.07.22 Download
Buggenhout bos 57km 350m N 05.03.22 Download
Wolvertem, Asse 58km 500m NW 21.11.22 Download
3 loops riverside 59km 180m N 06.11.22 Download
Dender 60km 450m W 19.09.22 Download
Girardin Affligem Meise 60km 500m NW 05.03.22 Download
Affligem 63km 500m NW 05.03.22 Download
Sint Pieters Leeuw 63km 600m SW 03.11.23 Download
Flemish countryside 64km 385m NW 20.06.22 Download
Londerzeel 64km 300m N 01.09.22 Download
Opwijk 64km 525m NW 19.03.22 Download
Willebroek 64km 200m N 05.03.22 Download
Tisselt 66km 250m N 05.03.22 Download
Den Dikke van Pamel 70km 600m W 21.05.22 Download
Zennegat 72km 200m N 25.03.24 Download
Beauval lasso 73km 250m N 28.04.22 Download
Geographical middle of Flanders 74km 400m NW 04.07.22 Download
Planes and rockn roll 75km 250m NE 05.03.22 Download
Tervruen 80km 400m SE 25.03.24 Download
The Western Mountains 80km 750m W 26.09.23 Download
De Pannenkoek 82km 270m N 17.11.23 Download
The Cautious Brusseleir Sedentary Cyclist 82km 750m SW 03.11.23 Download
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