A collection of scenic routes that explore the countryside around Brussels. These routes are 90 to 100km average and are well suited for lone riders and groups riding at an average pace. The roads are mostly paved with some routes taking short sections of gravel. They are designed to be ridden on a road bike.
Route Distance Elevation Direction Modification Download
West Pajotten (Winter) 74km 600m W 02.12.21 Download
Pajotten (Winter) 74km 650m SW 24.11.21 Download
BBB Racing Puncheur 79km 840m E 16.07.21 Download
Charly des bois 81km 875m S 10.11.22 Download
Western Pajot (winter) 82km 750m W 19.03.23 Download
Round Brussels (Grimbergen) 84km 600m N 18.11.21 Download
R.EV (Remco) Ride 86km 850m W 02.10.22 Download
Oud Heverlee 87km 900m E 16.07.21 Download
Bercuit 88km 875m SE 14.11.22 Download
Hallerbos Blue Forest 89km 1000m SW 26.04.22 Download
Beauvechain 89km 800m E 12.10.22 Download
UCI Worlds Leuven 90km 850m E 03.10.22 Download
Wavre, Bierbeek 90km 800m E 16.07.21 Download
Congoberg 91km 750m W 20.10.21 Download
Gooik 92km 750m SW 16.07.21 Download
Soignies 93km 950D SW 13.10.21 Download
Pajottenland 94km 650m W 16.07.21 Download
Falling leaves (Soignies) 94km 950m SW 16.10.22 Download
Emile Daems Classic 95km 880m W 31.08.21 Download
Tubize, Braine le Comte 95km 900m SW 07.03.22 Download
De Brabantse Pijl 95km 850m SE 04.04.22 Download
Autumn in BW 95km 1000m S 24.10.22 Download
Mechelen, Verbrande Brug 96km 300m N 02.03.22 Download
Villers la Ville 96km 1000m S 16.03.22 Download
Chateau Fort de Feluy 96km 1050m S 11.07.22 Download
Peaks of the Pajot 96km 1.000m W 21.05.22 Download
Muur, Bosberg, Congoberg 96km 850m W 16.07.21 Download
Deux Acrens (short) 97km 800m SW 19.04.22 Download
R.EV Ride 97km 650m SW 07.04.23 Download
Omloop Het Nieuwsblad 97km 800m W 22.02.22 Download
Willebroeck 97km 280m N 16.07.21 Download
Point du Jour (small groups only) 97km 950m S 24.07.22 Download
Seneffe 98km 850m S 11.04.23 Download
Hoegaarden 98km 1000m E 18.07.22 Download
Perwez 99km 1.000m SE 04.05.22 Download
Asse 99km 700m NW 15.04.24 Download
Mechelen 99km 400m NE-N 16.07.21 Download
Mechelen Pancake 100km 250m N 06.10.21 Download
Bois de Silly 101km 1000m SW 16.07.23 Download
Hoegaarden 101km 900m SE 16.07.21 Download
Hageland 102km 675m NE 28.03.22 Download
Hoegaarden, Louvain La Neuve 103km 840m SE 16.07.21 Download
Bois de la Houssière (hilly, summer only) 103km 1700m S 19.03.23 Download
Holstheide 103km 860m SE 16.07.21 Download
Deux Acrens (long) 107km 750m SW 16.07.21 Download
Leuven, Mechelen 114km 400m NE-N 16.07.21 Download


Those routes are suggestions by BBB. You can ride it whenever you want, on an individual basis or in a group. BBB cannot be held responsible for any problems occurring during the ride. 

To Mechelen (99km, 400D+)

Any ride out towards the flatlands and waterways around Mechelan see the ‘rouleurs’, or just those with a healthy appetite, come to the fore. Particularly beautiful on a crisp winter’s morning when the low sun spreads its rays across the endless horizon, these flatlands can be equally unforgiving when the wind gets up, forming the perfect training ground for many local professionals. Watch out for passing cyclists as we speed along the toe-paths, including Leuven’s Milan – San Remo hero Jasper Styven.

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