Back to BHCC “Grande Finale” 2024, Crabbegat

Concluding the BHCC and its 5 separate legs in and around Brussels, it was great to get together for the grand finale of the Brussels Hill Climb Challenge!

80  participants braved the cold Belgian winter to conquer the scenic Crabbegat.

  • Stefanie Carbonez won the race in the women category.
  • Goéric Daeninck (Brussels cycling teamwon the race in the man category (3rd “Grande Finale” victory in a row).
  • The General Classification of BHCC goes to
    • Philippine de Radiguès in the women “gravel” category,
    • Stefanie Carbonez in the women “road” category,
    • Primoz “Jimmy” Jurak (Brussels Big Brackets) in the men “gravel” category,
    • Robin Vanhoutte (Brussels Cycling Team) n the men “road” category
A huge thanks to the Ville d’UccleWallonie Bruxelles Cycling (and their precious support on the day!!!), and our amazing volunteers and partners.

PICTURES GALLERY (to be updated)

Thanks to our amazing photographers Nicolas and Lucian,  we’ve got many nice pictures to share with you! Check-out our data-base and do not hesitate to pick-up and share those that you prefer. Do not forget to mention as often as possible that the credit of the pics goes to Nicolas Brookes / Lucian Stanescu – BBB.

bhcc enfant
BHCC 4 (c) N Brookes (1)
bhcc vainqueurs
BHCC 4 (c) N Brookes (7)
BHCC 4 (c) N Brookes (10)
BHCC 4 (c) N Brookes (4)
BHCC 4 (c) N Brookes (17)
BHCC 4 (c) N Brookes (2)
BHCC 4 (c) N Brookes (8)
BHCC 4 (c) N Brookes (3)


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