All year round, we invite our members to some “special rides”.
Some of those rides are dedicated to newcomers (“Discovery rides” a.o.), but every BBB member might be interested in some of the workshops.

Discover hereafter BBB Cycling Academy and BBB Workshops. For more info (exact dates and times a.o.), checkout our Strava Club on a regular basis.

These training-sessions are led by experienced instructors certified by ADEPS / FCWB – with the support of the whole BBB Road-captains team.


Workshops are about giving a short course on specific themes : discovering peloton life, technics on bike, tracks sessions, speed meeting with local legends and much more!
Some of those rides and events are dedicated to newcomers, but every BBB member could appreciate to take part to one or the other workshop.

At least four time / year, checkout our Strava club.
Rides dedicated to our newcomers. Taking part in one of those rides is required when you join BBB.
My first ride with my Cycling Club.
Riding with a cycling club can seem daunting at first, so we require all new and prospective members to attend one of our Introductory Rides . These are short club rides where we cover topics such as such as what to carry with you, how to ride in group formations, and what all those hand signals mean. Then we head off and do an easy-paced ride to practice, followed by a café stop at our clubhouse.

A cycle of meetings and workshops dedicated to various topics linked to cycling:

  • nutrition
  • mechanical issues
  • rider testimonials 
  • training tips

👉 More about BBB Workshops

Venez à la rencontre de personnalité du vélo, et d’ailleurs, afin d’échanger avec elles autours de leur passion, et de leur vécu, sur la selle et en dehors! de l’interactif et du fun!

2 sessions / year
Vélodrome de Rochefort (Be)

Everybody is welcome, from beginners to experienced riders. Dedicated sessions can be organized according to your group-skills
A day with experienced trainers on the Rochefort 400 meters’ outdoor track

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Une journée sur le vélodrome de Rochefort (longueur de 400m) !
Vous aurez l’opportunité d’améliorer votre niveau de maniabilité à vitesse lente ainsi que votre technique en peloton.

Ne vous souciez de rien, tout est compris de vos ravitaillements à la nourriture toute la journée. Un stand de mécanique sera aussi présent afin d’être parés aux éventuels soucis techniques qui pourraient se présenter.

La journée est encadrée par les entraîneurs professionnels de notre partenaire SOC.

From January to March, 10 to 12 weeks of twice a week Zwift workouts.
Every member with a connected home-trainer is welcome, beginners included (thanks to “the keep everyone together” option, we stay together).
One hour workouts on Tuesday and Thursday, focused on strength and cadence (4 weeks), VO2 Max (4 weeks) and FTP (2 to 4 weeks). 

BBB has prepared a flexible training programme with sessions which you can easily incorporate into your weekly schedules. It will provide you with a very solid training basis for Spring, and is ideal as a first step to more specific training you wish to undertake based on your race objectives.
This training plan is also ideal if you intend to take part in our week-ends or training camps: you will start fit and fresh and ready to take on a big days of cycling!

What is it about?

  • A 8 to 12-week programme targeting strength/cadence, threshold (FTP), and VO2/MAP over 4-week blocks
  • Each 4-week block targets one area in particular (threshold, for instance), named under ‘major’ category. Most sessions have also been picked to include 10-20% of training in another area (‘minor’ category) to recall past training sessions or to prepare for future one
  • Each 4-week block increases in intensity, with the fourth week being an easier week to allow for the training effect we are all looking for (‘surcompensation’)
  • An FTP (or ramp) test should also be performed during a ‘surcompensation’ week (before starting the training programme, on week 4, week 8 and week 12). This would allow you to adjust your FTP if necessary and measure progress.

What do we offer?

  • Training sessions on Zwift on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, with advice and feedback from our more experienced riders to BBB Members.
  • Our proposal is a well-rounded programme which we guarantee will improve your general fitness. You will have done cadence and strength work, and will have trained all of your training zones by the time you reach April
  • You will achieve the best results if you follow all sessions, but feel free to join on an occasional basis: you are bound to improve and learn something!

The workouts are open to all BBB Members: Zwift group workouts allow all of us to stay together, regardless of our levels! Get in touch if you are interested.

How does it fit in your overall training programme?

  • Training programmes are individualized programmes by definition. Each rider has different starting points, different areas of strengths/weaknesses, different race objectives. The science of coaching is also about feedback between the coach and the rider. It is therefore impossible to prepare a training programme that would fit everyone.
  • There are different training methodologies, each with their own merits/flaws. The progression and organization of the workouts follows a traditional 4-week pattern (3 weeks that get progressively harder, 1 lighter week)
  • The benefits of these workouts will greatly increase if your training plan follows a similar 4-week pattern. In any case, it is important that you perform these workouts with relatively fresh legs, at least sufficiently fresh so that you can complete the workout without decreasing the FTP bias on Zwift or skipping some blocks altogether!
  • Any BBB rider would benefit from these sessions as part of a broader training plan (obviously doing this session as your only workout every week is not enough to increase fitness on the bike!)
  • Doing these sessions as group training on Zwift is not only motivational, it also allows riders to exchange experiences, share feedback and therefore improve collectively
  • We are not professional cyclists and do not have the luxury of time at our disposal: as long as you keep some sort of structure, you will improve your performance on the bike. Sessions can be moved from one day to another, and it is important to listen to your body (if fatigued: skip a session or do a recovery ride)

What could a weekly training plan look like?

A rider with 8-10 hours of training at his disposal could envisage the following typical training week over the winter:

  • Monday – rest or recovery ride
  • Tuesday – 1h/1h15 BBB structured workout
  • Wednesday – 1h to 1h30 zone 2 (endurance) training (optional: rest if fatigued) – rest if fatigued
  • Thursday – 1h/1h15 BBB structured workout
  • Friday – rest or recovery ride
  • Saturday – 3h endurance (Zone 2) ride. Mix it up with some Zone 4/low cadence on hills/a few sprints with plenty of recovery in between
  • Sunday – 1h30/2h endurance or recovery ride if fatigued

At least 2 times / year, checkout our Strava club, on wednesday evening.
Rides dedicated to newcomers and/or people wiling to discover gravel.
Discovering a new to practice cycling is sometimes tough!
These are short club rides in which we introduce you to gravel-cycling, with a few tips and a short ride all together, before having a drink at Hors Categorie Drohme.

Short course on a particular subject linked to cycling, using mainly games… on the bike!

  • Cornering
  • Speed shifts
  • Riding in a bunch
  • Fighting in the pack

Developper des aptitudes techniques à vélo peut vous permettre de progresser, à la fois en matière de performance mais également en matière de sécurité, et vous permettre ainsi de profiter au mieux de vos sorties vélo, que ce soit seul, ou avec le BBB pack. Les clinics sont là pour ça!


Cycling academy will build your strength from Padawan to Jedi level! Cycling Academy is proposed to improve your skills in cycling, in order to be able to have a long ride in peloton at the end of these sessions. 25 hours to improve your skills, fitness and training so you can unleash the Force and fully enjoy cycling in your Cycling Club.

Please note that:

  • taking part in all the sessions is not mandatory! You can pick up only the sessions you’re interested in !
  • sessions are targeted at newcomers (but can be helpful for everybody as well) and are organised for a maximum of 15 people

We might organise only one or the other session, depending on the year, and according to our initiators capabilities.
To stay tuned, check out our yearly calendar and our Strava events regularly.

A ride for Padawan 
Riding with a cycling club can seem daunting at first, so we require all new and prospective members to attend one of our Introductory Rides and Group Skills sessions.

These are short club rides in which we look at those topics:
– what to carry with you, 
– how to ride in group formations
– what all those hand signals mean. 

Then we head off and do an easy-paced ride to practice.

Time set 4 hours

Riding Skills Initiation in Jedi high school

– Cornering tuto 1h
– Speed shifts tuto 1h
– Peloton tuto 2h

Time set 4h

Home Trainer/Zwift indoor Practice 
We’ll teach you how to be efficient during a short Zwift session, and how you may feel the Force. Optional session for members with a connected home-trainer only.

– Presentation of Training sessions in Zwift
– Zwifting in a club session

Time set 2h

Intervalls, Swipe your Bike like a Laser Saber 
Develop your strength, power and hearth with specific scales
– 30/30 tuto
– RPM testings
– Hills Challenge

Time set 4h

Repair your Space ship

– Inner Tube change
– Gears setup
– Changing cassette
– Cranks setup

Time set 4h

Riding long and don’t go to the dark side of the Force  
When riding a ride longer than usual, you’ll need to be ready and efficient.
– Warmup riding Z1
– Tempo ride Z2
– Punching Hills

Time set 6h


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