Bicycle riding is an inherently dangerous sport. Any rides or events organised by BBB are open to the registered members of our cycling club only. For any further information about membership, please checkout our dedicated “membership page“.

All members of BBB Cycling Club undertake to abide by all rules of the Club, to know and adhere to the rules of the road and abide by all the decisions of the Club and its committee. All members declare that they are medically and physically fit and able to participate in cycling activities, and agree to follow any rules set by the organiser in connection with any BBB cycling activities. In particular, all members acknowledge (a. o. rules) that safety is the main priority and it is compulsory to wear a helmet at all times during BBB cycling activities.

BBB Cycling Club does NOT assume any liability for your participation in our activities or in activities connected to cycling in general. By participating, you agree for yourself, your heirs, executors and administrators to waive any and all claims for personal injury and/or damage that you may have against BBB including its board members, committee members, executive officers, road captains, members or representatives for any and all injuries received while taking part in any and all activities organised, sponsored or sanctioned by BBB.


BBB provides its members and friends with many information, including routes suggestions for group or individual rides.

In no event, shall BBB accept any liability for any injury, loss, or damage incurred by use of, or reliance, on information on this website or associated social media pages.

Mise à jour : 14 avril 2023.

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