BBB “Early Birds” Ride

This ride is not leaded by a road-captain anymore! Feel free to ride by your own or in an official group whenever you want to.
For more info, check-out our Strava Club regularly.

Ride with us every Friday before the sun rises, from April to late September. Join us and enjoy this picturesque route in the Pajottenland.

Hopefully, at that time, it will be the golden hour to catch a beautiful orange, pink, purple sky if we are lucky enough. Best pictures shall be posted publicly on our instagram account. Looking forward to meeting you! We start together and come back home together. 

About “Early Birds Ride”:

  • every Friday, from April until September
  • start at 6.30 AM
  • ~26 km/h, no-drop ride
  • meeting point: Quai de Veeweyde 32, Anderlecht 
  • distance: ~47km
  • positive elevation: ~250 to 300m  
  • BBB members only
  • registration compulsory via our Strava Club

It is an easy ride where you will pass the following sections:

  • backroads of Anderlecht, between potatoes fields and semi-urban farms;
  • climbing towards the Cafe in the Rust (Remco’s fanclub HQ) in Scheepdal;
  • rush over the Ourde G’bergenstraat made famous by Thursday’s Kring race rides;
  • passing the Kapelke of Oudestraat;
  • enjoying the smooth Tarmac of Oudenaken and the fresh new section of the canal between Lot and Ruisbroek until our final destination.

Route can be downloaded in the dedicated .gpx library.
Route can be modified considering the weather, roadworks or any other reason.

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