A collection of scenic routes that explore the countryside around Brussels. These routes average 70km and are well suited for lone riders and groups riding at an average pace. The roads are mostly paved with some routes taking short sections of gravel. They are designed to be ridden on a road bike.
Route Distance Elevation Direction Modification Download
Gooik 58km 450m SW 16.07.21 Download
Pajotten 59km 475m W 22.09.21 Download
Pajotten 61km 400m W 16.07.21 Download
Étangs du Coeurq 61km 550m SW 27.10.21 Download
Bercuit (Tourer) 61km 750m SE 14.11.22 Download
Gooik 62km 475m W 16.07.21 Download
Leefdael 62km 570m E-SE 16.07.21 Download
Jacinthes 63km 460m S-SW 16.07.21 Download
Ittre 63km 500m S-SW 16.07.21 Download
Nivelles 65km 600m S 11.04.23 Download
Charly des bois 65km 650m S 10.11.22 Download
Butte du Lion 65km 700m S 07.09.21 Download
Bertem, Everberg 65km 575m E 16.07.21 Download
Asquemont 66km 520m S-SW 16.07.21 Download
Autumn in BW 67km 750m S 24.10.22 Download
Leuven 67km 320m E 16.07.21 Download
Hennuyères 67km 750m SW 16.07.23 Download
Jacinthes (Spring) 67km 480m S-SW 16.07.21 Download
Plancenoit 68km 630m S 16.07.21 Download
Peaks of the Pajot 68km 600m W 18.05.22 Download
Terlindenhof 68km 580m SW 16.07.21 Download
De Brabantse Pijl 68km 750m SE 04.04.22 Download
Asse 68km 600m NW 15.04.24 Download
Ottenburg 68km 580m SE 09.11.21 Download
Hallerbos Blue Forest 69km 700m SW 26.04.22 Download
Genappe 69km 750m S 16.07.23 Download
UCI Worlds Leuven (short) 70km 700m E 03.10.22 Download
Cobbled Classic (short) 70km 800m S 03.04.22 Download
Bossut 70km 770m SE 18.07.22 Download
Smeysberg 71km 550m E 15.06.22 Download
Deux Acrens 71km 500m SW 16.07.21 Download
Oud Heverlee 71km 570m E 12.10.22 Download
Emile Daems Classic (short) 71km 650m W 31.08.21 Download
R.EV (Remco) Ride 71km 600m W 02.10.22 Download
Congoberg 71km 580m W 20.10.21 Download
Tour de Wallonie 71km 700m S 24.07.22 Download
Muur (short) 72km 550m W 16.07.21 Download
Mechelen Pancake (short) 72km 250m N 06.10.21 Download
Falling leaves 72km 750m SW 16.10.22 Download
Omloop Het Nieuwsblad 72km 600m SW 22.02.22 Download
Oud Heverlee 72km 570m E 16.07.21 Download
Affligem 73km 700m NW 20.09.22 Download
Louvain La Neuve 73km 670m SE 16.07.21 Download
Perwez 73km 800m SE 04.05.22 Download
Mechelen, Verbrande Brug 73km 200m N 05.03.22 Download
Tubize 73km 580m SW 16.07.21 Download
Mechelen 73km 275m N 02.04.23 Download
Holstheide 74km 680m SE 16.07.21 Download
Deux Acrens 74km 550m SW 19.04.22 Download
Le Strihoux 74km 520m W-SW 16.07.21 Download
Pajotten 75km 510m W 16.07.21 Download
Pearls of Brabant Wallon 76km 850m S 16.03.22 Download
Damiaan 77km 3120m NE 12.06.24 Download
Kokerij 79km 647m NW 16.07.21 Download
Mechelen 79km 360m NE-N 16.07.21 Download
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