BBB Racing – What’s in for you? What do we expect from you?

BBB Racing is the “performance” section of the Brussels Big Brackets Cycling Club.

What’s in for you?

  • Training: The BBB performance section will train on a regular basis (at least 3 times a week during the summer months) with themed training rides such as a high intensity ride on Wednesday, a steady ride and longer weekend rides. Hills, intensity, power… you name it, the programme will cover many aspects of training in order to prepare you for your races and big rendez-vous.
  • Races: The club will propose a series of races (ECW, Gran Fondos, Zolder races, Ultra distance…) at the beginning of the season. Together with riders a list of priority races shall be determined, allowing physical preparation as well as logistic planning.

What do we expect from you?

  • The section is open
    to anyone willing to improve and level up! Of course, you will perform better (and faster) by training consistently throughout the year and riding with strong riders.
  • As a general policy at BBB, we expect all riders to adhere to the ride etiquette. The etiquette includescourtesy on and off the bike, safety rules including following guidance of the ride captain. These are even more important given that riders will be pushing at the limit and our priority at all times is to preserve safety first. 

👉  Should you need any further information, feel free to contact us by email:

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