My first steps in my Cycling Club

Welcome to the Brussels Big Brackets Cycling Club. You’ll find here all the information you need to make your first steps into our Cycling Club a nice experience. 
Above all, do not forget it is all about the pleasure we have riding together!

(1) How to be sure I'm properly registered?

You received an e-mail confirmation of your BBB registration. In case you do not receive our e-mails, please check your spam folder. 

To complete your BBB membership, please remember that you are responsible for getting a cycling licence with your selected federation. If you chose FCWB, we’ll take care of your licence registration.

To get your licence:

  • For FCWB affiliates: Please pick up your licence card at Raida
  • For other federations: please look for the process on their respective web sites

(2) How to ensure I get all the information I need?

First of all, be sure you are connected with us! 

  • ✅ Ensure our email address is in your contact list
    Newsletters with important information are regularly sent that way.
    Have a regular look into your spam-box, just in case! 
  • Join our Strava Club
    This is where rides and events are announced and where you’ll need to register when attending a ride
  • ✅ Join our Facebook Group 
    This is where you’ll find information available to members and external people
  • Follow our Facebook Page 
    You’ll fond there some official information
  • Join our BBB 2nd hand Facebook Group
    This is where you’ll find information available to members only to offer BBB kit and cycling related kit
  • Follow us on Instagram
    This is where you’ll find BBB highlights in images

  •  Bookmark our website
    This is where you’ll find the details of the team making BBB your favourite cycling club, list of Road Captains, GPS for Routes, events, articles and more.tKeep an eye on the “news” section bru

(3) My check-list before the first ride

(4) Where to look for the ride's schedule, GPX and specific details?

  • All our rides are posted on our Strava Club
  • You’ll have to register there for every ride
    (please register in advance so we can plan adequate Road Captain(s) assistance
  • If you are not registered, your Road Captain may decide to decline your participation on the ride
  • If we exceptionally have to cancel a ride (weather warning, etc), the information is posted on the Strava event
  • Depending on weather conditions (heavy rain, wind,…) we may need to merge various groups.

(5) What about BBB official kit?

  • If you join as a “new member”, you noticed that getting the club jersey is compulsory. You’ll get yours in the coming weeks (min. 10 weeks) directly at home by Vermarc, our kit supplier
  • Please note that most items are not in permanent stock. To get all your BBB-apparel, participate in our “pre-order runs” (January, June, September) organised  in the BBB dedicated webshop powered by Vermarc (please note that items are generally delivered 8 to 10 weeks after the end of the pre-order run)
  • You might find some items of our kit in our webshop as well

(6) What else should I know?

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