BRM 200 “Aurore Cyclo”

On March 4th, about 10 BBB riders joined one of the first BRM of the season organised by the Aurore Cyclo club with 200km on the menu starting from Anderlecht.

For those who are unfamiliar with this type of event, BRM stands for Brevet Randonneurs Mondiaux. BRM come in different flavor: 200, 300, 400 and 600km and are certainly not race: People ride at their own pace, riding in groups are allowed and there are checkpoints every 50km which give the opportunity to refuel before getting back on the road.

At the start, all BBB riders decided to try to stick together to better support the riders who were not used to ride such a long distance and also to be better prepared to face the north wind which was waiting for us on our way back from Sorle-le-Château (France).

We left Anderlecht in south direction passing by Ronquières, La Louvière where the first control was, and then reach the national parc of l’Avesnois. We took a long break for lunch at Sorle-le-Château and thus discover the food secrets of certain long-distance cyclists…

We discovered the amazing nutrition secrets of some of the most famous long-distance cyclists...

The return with the north head wind was a bit slower and on some portions, the most in-shape riders have taken turns to brave the wind. We then made a last stop in Le Roeulx before going through the Pajottenland for the last 50k on our way back to Anderlecht.
Well-deserved beers were waiting for us at the arrival giving us a chance to congratulate each other for our great performance on the saddle with BBB friendship in the pure “Randonneur spirit”.
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