BBB Winter technical jacket (XL – Woman) (Vermarc, 2022)

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Comfort winter jacket for protection against very cold climates and the worst weather conditions. The microfiber fabric with a smooth outer surface is windproof and water repellent. The brushed inner surface effectively handles perspiration while remaining very breathable and gives perfect comfort. Anatomical cuffs at the waist. With finishing reflective details.

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  • Winter (best wearing comfort in winter from 8° Celsius until freezing)
  • 2 cuts available: Men & Women
  • 4th zipper pocket
  • Antibacterial
  • Water repellent (Garments offering a light protection against light rain conditions)
  • Heat retention (Fabrics with polar fleece on the inside for extra warm feeling and with a unique combination of wind and waterproof membrane ideal for heat retention)
  • High collar
  • Full length zipper
  • Silicone strip
  • Visibility
  • Breathable
  • Slim / tight fit
  • Windproof (2 layer fabric with hydrophilic membrane that ensures resistance to wind and light rain while maintaining breathability)

(SP.L Aero – Ligne Premium)







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