Road Captains toolbox

You’ll find hereby all that you should know as a BBB Road Captain.

BBB Road Captains lead our riders-groups during BBB rides. They represent our club and share our values: conviviality, pleasure of riding all together, sense of inclusiveness, security…

On a practical level, BBB road-captains ensure that:

  • road safety rules are respected
  • our “ride etiquette” is respected

If possible, 2 road captains / group are provided.

Before the ride:

  • they proposes a short “briefing” (route, weather, security rules…),
  • they welcome the new members.

During the ride:

  1. Road Captain in front of the group:
    • strictly follows the official route of the day,
    • ensures that the advertised pace is respected,
    • ensures that the group-members  form an homogeneous bunch,
    • waits for missing people if necessary,
    • chooses wether the group can use the bike-lanes.
  2. Road Captain at the back:
    • ensures that nobody has been dropped in case of no-drop rides,
    • helps people who have difficulties to catch up the group,
    • ensures that people know what is going to happen in case of drop-rides.
  3. Both Road Captains:
    • watch and anticipate demand for a wee stop appropriate to all cyclists (women incl.) in terms of timing and location,
    • pay attention to the energy level of riders & suggest water and food refill stops (in grocery if necessary.

After the ride:
if necessary, provides the group and afterwards the club with a debriefing about the route, the group…

You’ll find here some basic rules and etiquette of group riding that everyone should be aware of when riding in a group. Enjoy a safe ride!

Welcome to the BBB bunch!
BBB organises recreational rides adapted to everybody. Never forget a recreational-group is not a race-group 🙂
We are a large, growing club, regularly welcoming new riders. All riders should be tolerant, responsible and willing to help others within the group in a friendly manner.

General guidelines
When riding in a peloton, everyone is responsible for the safety of the group. We hope that this guide will assist in promoting safe riding, increase your enjoyment on the ride with the aim of getting everyone back home in one piece.

  • Abide by the road rules.
  • Wearing a helmet is compulsory.
  • Ensure you ride with lights when required.
  • Ensure your bike is in good working order.
  • Communicate in the bunch. Call out hazards and anticipate lane changes.
  • Never leave a rider behind.
  • Support people who have flat tires or other mechanical issues.
  • In the case of ‘’no-drop rides’’: be aware of riders that are off the back or caught at lights. Slow or stop to let them rejoin.
  • Respect Road Captains. They are responsible for the ride.
  • Ride as a Club… wear your club kit.

Abide by the road-rules
You’ll find here some of the specific rules for people riding in a peloton.

  • Ride in single or double line.
  • Allow incoming and read traffic to pass/overtake group when needed.
  • Keep to cyclepath if <15.
  • Respect priorities and traffic lights.

Communicate in the bunch

  • Call out hazards.
  • Anticipate lane changes.
  • Communicate clearly ! Shout loud, using words such as “pas op”, “attention”, “watch out”…whatever the language 🙂

BBB n’organise pas de sorties en groupes de plus de 50 personnes. BBB privilégie les sorties en groupes de 20 cyclistes ou moins.


  • Si vous êtes le capitaine de route : restez calme et veillez à la sécurité du reste du groupe.
    Évitez un deuxième accident en avertissant les conducteurs qui approchent.
  • Appelez les services de secours : le 112 (service médical d’urgence et pompiers) Soyez précis et concis.
  • Si vous êtes qualifié, prodiguez les premiers soins, mais ne déplacez pas un blessé grave.
  • Notez immédiatement les noms des témoins de l’accident.


En-dessous de 15 cyclistes, les règles applicables aux cyclistes isolés s’appliquent toujours.

Au-dessus de 15 cyclistes
, le groupe peut choisir d’appliquer les règles dédiées aux cyclistes isolés ou bien d’appliquer les règles destinées aux cyclistes en groupe. Le groupe dispose alors de certaines facilités, mais doit également tenir compte de certaines obligations.


  • Vous n’êtes pas obligé d’emprunter les pistes cyclables.
  • Vous pouvez rouler en permanence à deux de front sur la chaussée, à condition de rester groupés.
  • Sur une chaussée sans bandes de circulation, ne pas dépasser l’équivalent de la largeur d’une bande (± 3 m) et, en aucun cas, la moitié de la chaussée.
  • Sur une chaussée divisée en bandes : bande de droite uniquement.

Capitaines de route et véhicules d’escorte

De 15 à 50 cyclistes :

  • 2 capitaines de route au moins : autorisé.
  • 1 ou 2 véhicules d’escorte : autorisé.

De 51 à 150 cyclistes :

  • 2 capitaines de route au moins : obligatoire
  • 2 véhicules d’escorte : obligatoire.

Les capitaines de route doivent être âgés d’au moins 21 ans et porter au bras gauche un brassard aux couleurs nationales avec la mention “capitaine de route”. Ils peuvent immobiliser la circulation aux carrefours sans signaux lumineux au moyen d’un disque représentant le signal C3 et donner des indications aux autres usagers.
Le capitaine de route ne doit pas être en possession d’une liste des participants.

Les véhicules d’escorte doivent précéder ou suivre le groupe à une distance de 30 m environ ; s’il n’y a qu’un seul véhicule d’escorte, celui-ci doit suivre le groupe. Sur le toit des véhicules d’escorte doit être monté un panneau spécial, bien visible des vis-à-vis et des conducteurs qui viennent de l’arrière.


Riding together is above all recreational… and about friendship and conviviality. Anyway, we cycle because we sometimes like the effort and the challenge as well! You’ll find hereafter a few words about how and when we think it’s safe and appropriate to attack each other.

Flat sections

  • Attacks NOT allowed
  • Collaboration mode
  • Constant speed
  • We fight the wind together

Cobbled and hilly sections 

  • Attacks allowed if the road captain is OK
  • MANDATORY STOP in a SAFE LOCATION at the top or at the end of the cobbled section

Downhill (or dangerous) sections
Attacks NOT allowed

What to do join the BBB Road Captains bunch?

  • Do not hesitate to drop us an e-mail if you’ve got questions
  • Register here to be part of the Road Captain list
  • Put your name on this shared “Road Captain calendar” to confirm which ride you’ll attend

Do not forget to register for every ride as a normal rider as well 🙂

Our bunch of 50 Road Captains lead BBB’s ride. They proudly wear a dedicated BBB’s kit. We thank our friends and sponsors from for their support!

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