How can I help?

This Cycling-Club is ours. To keep on moving and strengthen our quick development, we need volunteers.
Above all, we are regularly looking for road-captains and volunteers for the events we regularly set up. But there are numerous other ways to help us on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis 🙂

What kind of position is now open?

We are a large, growing club, regularly welcoming new riders. To help us for daily management, we would appreciate if new people could join our team to help us!

  • road-captains
  • gravel road-captains
  • events (a.o. race organization) manager
  • events staff and volunteers
  • outdoor track manager
  • communications (incl. social networks) manager

👉  If you want to volunteer, drop us an e-mail!

How may I help you as a road-captain?

Adding your name to the list does not mean you have to be present every week. It just means you could be called on to lead the group some Sunday.
As a road captain, you should lead people on the agreed route, wear the Belgian armband, make sure the group stays together (max 2 cyclists abreast), and that people respect our Ride etiquette (and when necessary Covid-19 measures).

👉  You want to join our bunch of road-captains? Please fill-in this form

You just want to raise an idea?
For any suggestion, please feel free to contact us

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