BHCC “Rue du Mystère” – Race Day


We’ll be pleased to welcome 130 riders on Sunday 20 February, thanks to the support from the City of Forest and from the Fédération Cycliste Wallonie-Bruxelles.


We have just heard from Bruxelles Environnement that they are unable to check Parc Duden before tomorrow to guarantee that our event can be run safely. They have kindly asked us to relocate the BHCC race a few streets away from Rue Du Mystère.
Thanks to the precious and last minute support from the Commune de Forest and the police, we are pleased to inform you that the event WILL take place on the Beukenberg street, just 200 meters away from the original location for the race. We ask all participants to make their way to the Beukenberg ahead of their start times. 
Please rest assured that the event will go ahead as planned and that the road will closed to traffic tomorrow. We encourage you to come by bike or public transport. If you need to park a car you have many parking opportunities.



  • Sunday 20 February
  • Individual Time Trial
  • Official FCWB race (cat. 1.18.1) with the presence of official stewards and time keepers
  • Open to everybody, women and men, skilled or not, licenced or not, considering you’ve got your own RC insurance


Here is some practical information for Sunday.
The event will take place from 9h to 12h30 at the rue du mystère in Forest.


Program of the day:
  • Wave 1: 9h30 > 10h00
  • Kids race: 10h00 > 10h10
  • Wave 2: 10h15 > 11h00
  • Kids race: 11h00 > 11h10
  • Wave 3: 11h10 > 12h00
  • Podium Ceremony: 12h10 > 12h30
You can find your start time on the following timetable
To race you will need a race number.
You can pick up your number at the registration desk. We encourage you to pick it up between 15 and 30 minutes before your start time. The registration desk is located in the middle of the hill (see map below).
No race number = no time up the hill!
Please take safety pins if you have some


  • length: 200 meters
  • average gradient: 11.1%
  • vertical drop: 20 meters

You want to get more datas about the segment? Check-out this Strava segment, which is approximately the same. Please note that we won’t refer to Strava but to the time measured by the official stewards and time keepers.


Do you have what it takes to get to the top?

Kids are also very much welcome to take part in the race!

Children can register on the race day and are asked to be there at least 20minutes before one of the two departure times to receive their race number.
Two kids races will be organised at 10h00 and 11h00. The kids races are organised as a leave-all-together TT with the aim of getting as far up the hill as possible on a bike and finish the hill by foot if needed.

There are no age restrictions and parents are more than welcome to assist and push their kids gently up the hill (make sure you leave enough space for kids around you though!). Geared bicycles are recommended on the course but are not an obligation.
All kids will receive a small reward at the top. Come and have fun!


📸 Pictures
A photographer will take pictures during the event. Those pictures will be posted online on BBB website and social networks. Should you want us not to post such pictures, please let us know.
 🦠😷 Covid-info (code orange 🟠)
This is an outdoor event with fewer than 100 people. No CST is needed. Please respect the measures in force for this type of event. Should you need more info, please check-out the official Belgian website dedicated to the Coronavirus crisis.
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