My first steps in my Cycling Club

Welcome to the Brussels Big Brackets Cycling Club. You’ll find here all the information you need to make your first steps into our Cycling Club a nice experience. 
Above all, do not forget it is all about the pleasure we have riding together!


(1) How to be sure I’m properly registered?

You got by e-mail a confirmation of your registration (in case you do not get our e-mails, check-out your spam-box). Depending on the federation you have chosen, we’ll give you your licence, or you’ll get your licence either by post or by e-mail.

To make your membership complete, please do not forget you are responsible for sorting your licence-registration with Cycling Vlaanderen or if you join as “external”. 
If you chose FCWB, we’ll take care of your licence-registration.

(2) How to be sure I get all the information I need?

First of all, be sure you are connected with us through the social networks:

✅ Follow our Facebook Page (for official information) 
✅ Join our Facebook Group 
✅ Follow us on Instagram
✅ Join our Strava Club (BBB) 

We’ll send you official information through our newsletter as well: be sure you sent us a proper e-mail address and to have a regular look into your spam-box, just in case! Last but not least, our website is regularly updated. Keep an eye on the “news”

(3) My check-list before my first ride

✅ We do appreciate our members wear our cycling-kit
✅ I check the equipment I should have
✅ I drop an eye on BBB’s “Ride Etiquette
✅ I drop an eye on BBB’s “Road Safety Policy
✅ I went through an extensive health check-up (compulsory for performance section)

(4) How to check how the ride-schedule look like?

  • All our rides are posted on our Strava Club
  • You’ll have to register there for every ride 
  • We sometimes have to cancel our rides. Have a look there.

(5) What about BBB official kit?

  • If you join as a “new member”, you noticed that getting the club jersey is compulsory. You’ll get yours in the coming weeks… we’ll get back to you as soon as it is available for delivery.
  • All our kit-items can be either bought or pre-ordered in our webshop
  • Please note that most items are not in permanent stock. To get all your BBB-apparel, participate in our “pre-order runs” (January, June, September) in the webshop.
    Items are generally available 8 to 10 weeks after the end of the pre-order run.

(6) What else should I know?

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