Road Captains Training Program

Tonight the first group of Roadcaptains met for a special training session by Erik VC. and Morten P.

14 participants attended this first of two sessions meant to train our Roadcaptains. We talked about several issues like Road Safety, riding in a bunch and what to do in case of accidents. The meeting was hosted by the Central Denmark Region (with a special word of thanks to our Danish member Mathilde).  It was a good opportunity for the participants to exchange views and learn from each others’ experience.


It was very clear that safety is one of the most important aspects of being a Roadcaptain. Keeping the group safe, but also keeping other traffic safe: not blocking the road at stops, riding two by two (and not three or four or five…) so cars can pass safely. It is OK for the Road Captain to stop the group if participants don’t respect these rules.  In case riders do not respect these rules repeatedly they can be excluded from the ride and future rides. Another important safety aspect: it is not just the Road Captain who is responsible for the safety of the group. Every rider shares in this responsability. Every rider should point out dangerous situations (damaged road surface etc) and repeat the signals given by the Road Captain, to make sure the alert does not stop after the first three riders, but also reaches the last person of the group.

Coaching and First Aid

The next big steps in our Training are a Coaching Program for new Roadcaptains as well as a First Aid course that is available for all our Roadcaptains. A first group will attend a full day of First Aid training on the 4th of May. Thanks a lot to Morten and Erik for making this program possible.


We had a super nice day all together in March in Sven Nys Center (Tremelo – Hageland). Meeting, ride all together around the scenic routes of Hageland, visit of the Center and its museum, and finally a big pasta party. Thanks to the organizers!


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