We are delighted to announce our partnership with SOC (Sport Optimisation Center), a new sports training centre in Auderghem, with many discounts for BBB Members across their services!
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 Among the services offered by SOC to BBB members:
  • Bikefitting (3h session including cleats setup, use of different saddles, FMS mobility test, follow-up and feedback)
  • 3D Aero analysis (two 1h sessions, including extensive follow-up and feedback)
  • Coaching, tailored to individual needs and objectives, including use of Training Peaks platform
  • Ramp and lactate test, including mobility session, feedback and training advice
  • Zwift ‘afterwork’ events, including use of Zwift room with Tacx Neo trainers: 15 euros per person (including food and refreshments)
  • Use of Zwift room (access to Tacx Neo trainer)
  • Bike repairs, including carbon frame repairs

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BBB Racing “SOC’s Discovery Day”
November, 27th, 2021, eight BBB RACING Members spent a morning at the Sports Optimisation Centre (SOC) to test some of the services they provide. From a spot of yoga, tips regarding bikefitting and pedaling efficiency, and undertaking mobility (FMS) tests, we had a real fun time and learnt a lot. The morning ended with a short seminar which included a session on how to prepare a cycling season based on individual objectives.
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