BBB SEALS PARTNERSHIP WITH SOC TRAINING CENTRE   We are delighted to announce our partnership with SOC (Sport Optimisation Center), a new sports training centre in Auderghem, with many discounts for BBB Members across their services! 👉 To SOC x BBB 2023 price list  Among the services offered by SOC to BBB members: Bikefitting (3h

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Vedett x BBB

Our social events are supported by Vedett, a belgian beer brand. We do sometimes deserve a fresh beer after an hard training-session or a competition as well. This is the icing on the cake : cold Vedett to soothe sunburn and ‘rehydrate’. Many thanks! * to be consumed with moderation 📸 Nicolas Brookes

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Team Rynkeby x BBB

Team Rynkeby-Granini Brussels, in short TR-GR, is a charity event collecting funds to support paediatric research. Happy to inform you that BBB and Team Rynkeby-Granini Brussels have entered a cooperation to support each other’s activities and explore complementarities. Team Rynkeby-Granini Brussels proposes a yearly amateur cycling event, taking place in the second week of July engaging

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We proudly wear the iconic red/green colors of Brussels. Located in the hearth of Europe, the City of Brussels welcomes all sportspeople. The City of Brussels supports our club through an annual subsidy, dedicated to our daily management and operations. 📸 Neil Causey

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